Watching Baseball from Paris

This was the first year, in more than five years, I went to fewer than four baseball games in a season (I went to just three). The reason? A lack of baseball in Paris.

This past March, I packed my bags, Royals hat included, and said bonjour to Paris. Some people have asked me what it’s like to have uprooted my life and moved to a foreign country, but to me that sounds a bit extreme.  I moved to a city where I have been fortunate to have many friends, and those friends make me feel like I have family. The only thing that has been truly “uprooted” is my faithful following of baseball, both in person and on TV.


The hardest part hasn’t been the physical distance from a ballpark, or the inability of watching the games on TV (thank you MLB.TV for your amazing online service), but the time difference. Six hours ahead from your normal watch time really throws a wrench in your plans of watching baseball each night (Mr. Commissioner, if you’re reading this, please instate more day games so that I can watch at a decent hour). Luckily, because Day Light Savings happens in Europe a week earlier than in the United States, I was able to watch the playoffs and some of World Series starting at 1am, instead of 2am.

For the Royals, there have been good days and bad days this 2019 season, just as there have been the same for me, like losing over 100 baseball games and not being able to see my childhood pup before she died this past July. Paris Nov 2019But if winning the World Series or moving to Paris was easy, then everyone would do it.

Just a few days ago, all of the owners in Major League Baseball approved David Glass’ sale of the Royals to John Sherman, for $1 billion no less! It seems fitting, that there is a new era of baseball for the Royals the same year there is a new era in my life, a French one. In a way, the Royals need to figure out their new rhythm of doing business just like I am need to establish a new rhythm of life in Paris. No, I can’t watch as many baseball games as I used to, but it makes me appreciate each one of them so much more, when I can.

Here’s to a new chapter in the history of the Royals and the history of my life. A new chapter, however, that will now consist of baseball games at 2am…

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