Fathers and Daughters

Father’s day seems a very appropriate day to publish my first post. For me, and I think for many young girls and boys, I thank my father for the joy of baseball. I do not believe I would be the same kind of passionate fan I am today if it weren’t for my dad. Every day I look forward to talking to him about the Royals game that’s on, a unique aspect of baseball because that’s 162 calls, texts, etc.

My first baseball game was with my family, and though I don’t remember I’m sure it was at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. Baseball runs deep for the Barickmans and for the 22 years of the life I have been a Royals fan, through thick and thin.

Baseball is (and in my opinion will always be) America’s pastime because of families. Everything about baseball speaks to families, from the ballpark to the pace of the game. It is a family friendly sport–something I think that MLB could do more to remember. With ticket prices rising, the sport is becoming less family friendly and it’s becoming exceedingly expensive for a family of four, let alone a family of five like mine, to attend a game. MLB needs to remember that baseball is baseball because of the people sitting in the stands, not because of the money that it’s bringing in.

So Dad, thanks for sharing this game with me. Without you, my life would definitely not be a walk in the park.

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