Onto Game 163.

Major League Baseball couldn’t have predicted a better end to the regular season even if they scripted it. Today was game 162, the last game of the season and before first pitch only one half of the playoff field was set. The American League Wild Card game will be played on Wednesday night in the Bronx with the Yankees taking on the Athletics. The winner will go to Boston for the ALDS against the Red Sox. The other half of the AL features the Indians versus the reigning World Series Champions, the Astros.

Game 162, the last game of the season, was not enough today to decide the winners of the National League Central and National League West. The Rockies, Dodgers, Cubs and Brewers were all tied going into game 162 and all came out of the other side winning, forcing two tie break games tomorrow. Game 163.

It will be the first time in MLB history that two tie breaking games will be played on the same day. Only in baseball could a 162 game season not be enough to decide where teams stand in the playoffs. It took 160 and 161 games for Rockies and Dodgers to even clinch playoff berths.

So what’s next? The Cubs take on the Brewers tomorrow at 1pm to see which team will win the NL Central and host home field advantage throughout the National League playoff series. The losers? They play in the one game Wild Card game on Wednesday. Those are pretty high stakes. Winner lives to see a best of 5 game series. Loser lives to only see only one more guaranteed game. And what’s even more great? It’s not just them. The Rockies and Dodgers have the same scenario (minus home field advantage) at 4pm.

Just when I thought this was going to be an exciting week because of the two Wild Card games, MLB throws in a two for one deal on Monday of extra baseball. Baseball fans around the world are rejoicing.

Can’t wait for Monday…

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